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We invite hotel guests City Holiday Resort & SPA 5 * enjoy first-class rest and spend time in the Finnish sauna, Slavic sauna or Roman steam bath. Whatever you choose, good mood, relaxation, rejuvenation and wonderful emotions are guaranteed a high quality service five-star hotel.

For example, Finnish sauna - long known way to protect the body from the accumulated fatigue, improve blood circulation, to tone the skin and get the cosmetic effect. sauna The secret is that the visitor is in a high temperature (about 100 0 C), the humidity of the air - about 15%. Hot, dry air has a positive effect on the whole organism, a positive effect on the autonomic and central nervous system.

In Roman steam bathconversely, at comparatively low temperatures (about 45-47 0 C), the air is almost 100% humidity. Traditionally, it is saturated with pine needles aromas, honey, essential oils of eucalyptus and mint. Such action nourishes the skin with moisture, leaving it smooth and perfect for rejuvenating beauty treatments.

The favorable influence on the body has and a Slavic steam bath. Here, the temperature may range from 40 to 100 0 C, moisture content - 70 to 100%. Steamy air and pine needles aromas, oak clears the respiratory tract, the muscle relaxes and creates a feeling of complete relaxation. That Slavic bath - ideal to cleanse the body and muscles after hard work.

Use of saunas, steam bath is included in the price, regardless of the selected room category.

Opening hours can be found at the reception front desk or call +380443716888 +380674668410


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