5 Velyka Kiltseva str., Kyiv, Ukraine

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Million years ago, nature was created element capable to rejuvenate, relax, keep in good shape, nourish beneficial micronutrients the human body. This is the usual, at first glance, minerals salts.

Salt room of the hotel City Holiday Resort & SPA 5 * recreates the microclimate of natural salt caves, which were formed in the depths of the bowels of the planet centuries ago. Organic crystals saturate the air, salt ions, creating an atmosphere of peace and tranquility. Subdued light and salt room environment promotes complete relaxation, get rid of the accumulated fatigue of the daily grind. And just an hour spent in the salt room for a beneficial effect on the body is equal to a few days staying at sea.

Indulge yourself and your body with pleasant sensations, influence healing salt air of the room.

Using the salt room is included in the room rate.

Sign up for a visit to the room can be at the reception desk or call +380443716888 +380674668410


Phone for custom work SPA services: +380443716888 +380672840020