5 Velyka Kiltseva str., Kyiv, Ukraine

Booking module

Room Size «Gold» - 60 m2. In it can comfortably accommodate 20 to 50 people depending on the seating options - "class" or "negotiations" (the letter P). Thanks to the mobile transformable furniture, Hall easily customizable for conducting: training, seminars, presentations, timbmildinga, press conference or corporate training.

Distinguishing features of the hall - the soft natural light, high-performance air-conditioning and ventilation systems, high-quality soundproofing.


Hall «Vinette» is located on the ground floor of the hotel. Hall size 137 m2. It is an ideal venue for business events, conferences, trainings, presentations, receptions, banquets. Capacity depends on the layout of participants ("theater", "class", "negotiations"). A cozy atmosphere, a modern air conditioning system, ergonomic furniture and a chamber chamber will ensure productive work for the participants of the events, regardless of their duration.

Advantages of the hall - made in the classic French style. Interior design in beige tones is slightly embellished with notes of Norman style. The highlight of the hall is the unique white piano “C. Bechstein.

«Platinum» Hall of 100 m2 ideally suited for: the business's Event, conferences, trainings, presentations, educational seminars and webinars. Its capacity depends on the seating scheme participants ("theater", "class", "negotiations").

Comfortable atmosphere, modern air conditioning, ergonomic furniture and the intimacy of the hall will provide the participants productive work activities, regardless of their duration.

Advantages of room - high-quality sound insulation, the possibility of transformation of furniture to customer's needs, the availability of the podium, professionally an installed light with Dimmable daylight.


VIP meeting room is located on the 1st floor of the hotel. Room size is 26 m2. Ideal for holding private business negotiations, mini-conferences, trainings.

A cozy atmosphere, an enclosed space, a modern air-conditioning system, ergonomic furniture and a chamber room will ensure productive work for event participants, regardless of their duration.

Advantages of the hall - made in a luxurious French style. Interior decoration in beige and purple colors. The main dyeing of the hall is a huge crystal chandelier.

For the organization of conferences , business meetings, seminars, you can send a request by e-mail sales@cityholiday.com.ua or call +380443716888, +380674668410

Prices for conference services


Conference hall  Pax Square, m2 The cost of rent, UAH. / half a day, 4 hours  The cost of rent, UAH. / day 
Gold 40 60 6000 8000
Platinum  100 110 8000 12000
Vinette  140 137 10000 16000
VIP  12 26 3500 5000


Prices are with VAT


The rent includes:

  • projector;
  • screen;
  • flipchart (with markers & paper);
  • Wi-Fi;
  • microphones;
  • pointer;
  • prices include VAT.

By agreement:

  • laptop.

Capacity and seating arrangement




Gold 50 30 25 20
Platinum  130 60 40 70
Vinette  140 65 45 80
VIP  - - 12 -