5 Velyka Kiltseva str., Kyiv, Ukraine

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The hotel complex «City Holiday» has a functional fitness room.

The hall is spacious and bright with good sound insulation, on the floor of high quality natural parquet. The hall is equipped with modern fitness outfit from renowned firms «Sportop» and «Spirit Fitness» and equipped with modern ventilation and air conditioning system.

The equipment in the room:

Orbitrek «Sportop»

It strengthens the ligaments and muscles. During training at the same time are utilized muscles of the legs and buttocks. Available handles allows hand pump, create beautiful shoulders and strengthen the pectoral muscles.

Treadmill «Spirit fitness»

An effective way to lose weight, speed up metabolism. The extra calories are burned faster at higher loading rates. The degree of load depends on the angle of inclination of the torso.

Bike «Sportop»

A positive impact on strengthening the cardiovascular system, is indispensable for the feet, forming an attractive reliefs calves and thighs, strengthens the glutes.

6 strength training apparatus designed for different muscle groups and different levels of training.


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