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Massage - one of the best ways to remove the accumulated fatigue, cause the body to tone and gain strength to saturate the skin cells with oxygen, giving it a fresh and elastic appearance. Professional massage improves blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, helps to cope with stress and a bad mood, it also has a positive effect on the sleep phase recovery, relieves muscle from excessive stress.

Massages at the hotel City Holiday Resort & SPA 5 * spend certified massage therapists, using exclusive cosmetics from leading manufacturers.

In the massage room you can get a full body massage, back massage, cervical spine, feet, face, cleansing and nourishing mask on the basis of honey, coffee, chocolate and much more.

Use of massage room is not included in the price and are charged separately.

For recording a massage, detailed information regarding the types of massage, its duration, please contact the administrator of the reception desk or call +380443716888 +380674668410


Phone for custom work SPA services: +380443716888 +380672840020